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Supported by the Seattle Colleges Performing Arts Fund, the Artist as Storyteller speakers series welcomes BIPOC artists, performers, and activists to share their work and connect with students about what it means to be an artist in today’s social and cultural climate. The series emphasizes the art-making and storytelling process as it relates to the individual and community.

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FALL 2021

Arianne True

Arianne True (Choctaw, Chickasaw) is a queer poet and folk artist from Seattle. She teaches and mentors with Writers in the Schools (WITS), the Seattle Youth Poet Laureate program, and the Young Writers Cohort. Arianne has received fellowships from Jack Straw and the Hugo House and is a proud alum of Hedgebrook and of the MFA program at the Institute of American Indian Arts.

She is currently the Seattle Repertory Theater’s first Native Artist-in-Residence, where she’s completing her first manuscript, exhibits, and adapting it into an immersive live installation. exhibits is a collection of experimental poems that bring you through a museum exhibition, and the poems are reading you as much as you're reading them. This museum engages with how the experience of childhood trauma doesn't end when you turn eighteen, and the effects ripple, even for decades, finding new ways to manifest and asking to be healed. Given the history of Natives and American museums, this indigenous writer can’t help but feel that too, and hopes to repatriate her own stolen body across the course of the work. 

See more of Arianne’s work here.

Watch a musical collaboration between Arianne True and musician Kate Olson, thanks to Jack Straw and Bushwick Book Club. The piece features a poem from exhibits set to Olson’s music.

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